How a Personal Coach Transformed His Business & Made $9k Overnight Selling an Online Programme

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After building an ‘Expert Freedom Business’ from the ground up, we reveal the entire process that we used with one of our clients!

Andy, our client that generated $9,000 in one night selling an online programme using just one automated webinar, had a personal development brand where he worked one-to-one with entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, celebrities and other performers to to enhance their performance, clarity and purpose using the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP and mindset systems was a topic that Andy put all of his time and effort into studying. Soon enough, as an expert, he started to coach world-champion athletes, Saudi Arabian Royalty, Trauma & PTSD victims, CEO’s of hundred-million dollar companies and many other industry leading individuals.

In the next few reading-minutes, I’m going to be showing you month by month, how we got Andy’s business from doing private consultations only, to packaging his expertise into an online programme and making $9k with the very first launch.

You’re going to learn the ‘EF Method’ process that we used with Andy, as well as every single client we work with, to build an ‘Expert Freedom’ business that generates high ticket sales for their programme on autopilot.

If, by the end of reading this, you how powerful this can be for you and your own business, then I encourage you to book a quick & FREE Business Accelerator Call, where we’ll discuss some of the ways you can implement the ‘EF Method’ System into your own business.

Passively Building The Audience (Month 1)

Andy had already found that the majority of his sub-market were moderately successful entrepreneurs making 6-7 figures annually in revenue, but they felt like they couldn’t break the barrier of 8 figures, no matter how hard they tried… so that’s what Andy knew he can help with.

The goal for the first month was to consistently generate leads for Andy using 2 Lead Value Magnets (a Quiz and a Self-Improvement Audio) that would attract his target audience by offering them free value. Andy had a lot of content to share, meaning that we could build a warm audience and keep them warm for the launch using emails.

By analysing the ad campaigns daily and making optimizations to the ads and to the landing pages to lower the CPL (Cost Per Lead) and increase CTR (Click-Through Rate), we managed to get the CPL down to $1.19 for the Quiz Lead Magnet and $2.56 for the Audio lead magnets, whilst generating over 600 leads in the first month.

Building The Automated Client-Attraction System (Month 2)

Because Andy’s whole programme was brand new, there was no existing email sequence that we could have used for following up with prospects or to keep our leads engaged. So that was what we focused on building in the start of Month 2.

First, we created a simple ‘Indoctrination Email Sequence’ that all new leads would receive to build a better connection with Andy, whilst refining his ideal audience. It was a 5-step email sequence with a duration of 6 days.

The first email would share his story, allowing his audience to see that he wasn’t born a psychology-genius and had to spend decades mastering his craft. This built the relationship with his audience as well as his authority.

The other emails were built with engaging content and small activities that readers could do, that would show them more and more about Andy’s method.

I knew the email sequence had worked extremely well as people had emailed back asking for more content and value! They were hungry to learn more and saw Andy as an authority. Andy was on a straight path to building a base of raving fans.

Our team had begun building the webinar funnel from our framework template. After building out the backend of the funnel (tracking, integrations etc), we worked closely with Andy to create his messaging and copy for every page in the webinar funnel… from the optin page to the payment thank you page.


The only thing needed to complete the funnel was the webinar!

Crafting & Launching The Perfect Webinar

Now that we had established an automated method of generating leads $1-$2 and keeping them engaged, it was time to focus on the webinar.

We worked with Andy to craft his webinar using our Webinar Script and recorded it with him standing in front of a large screen with the slides.

When the webinar registration opened, we sent his entire list an email broadcast inviting them to sign up for the webinar.

We had also started a Facebook Ad campaign to the Webinar Registration using the same targeted audience we refined when running ads for the lead magnets from Month 1. We did this instead of creating a new audience from scratch which significantly lowered our acquisition costs for the webinar!

In the webinar, Andy would announce his offer towards the end of the webinar, at which point an ‘Add To Cart’ button would appear for the full payment and payment plan options, below the webinar video.

We had setup several email sequences to go out to the attendees after the webinar had finished, with a recap of the offer and a call to action. There was a deadline of 4 days for the offer.

The EF Funnel looks like this and it’s exactly what Andy used for his launch.

Turning On The Automated Traffic Faucet (Month 3)

A few days after we switched the Facebook Ads on for the webinar, we began to optimise and act on the data we saw coming in for the first campaign.
Soon we had managed to get the CPL for the webinar to $1.61 lifetime average!
This was an amazing achievement considering that our target CPL was $3.

We had switched off the ads that didn’t get better results and began testing different variations of the best ads to continuously look for what works and what doesn’t – constantly improving and changing with the dynamic market, whilst preventing ad fatigue.


The Retargeting Campaigns

  1. Video-Views campaign to show webinar attendees around the programme and each module of the programme.
  2. Conversion campaign for people who visited the sales page and just needed that little push to purchase.

The Webinar Results

(Full Transparency)

On the morning of the launch, we received 2 sales at $2,997 each!
Later in the afternoon, another sale of $2,997 had been received after the first follow up email went out.

After I compiled all of the numbers, we had reached a 308.68% ROAS (Return On Ad-Spend) – here’s the breakdown of the numbers for the first webinar…

We had 2 variants of the Webinar Opt-In page to test different headlines. The average conversion rate of the 2 was 48.48% – meaning for every 100 visits, 48 people signed up for the webinar.

Despite the registrants having to wait for the webinar on a specific date, the attendance rate was still very good. We typically aim for 25% with new clients launching an event-style webinar.

The ad-spend was what we had spent since working with Andy – including the ad-spend for the Lead Magnets campaigns. This is why the Cost Per Registrant is much more than the $1.61 that I demonstrated before.

All in all, we had spent $2,200 and made $9 shy off $9k, and had built a list of over 700 leads in the process!

What’s Next?

Even though or Cost Per Registrant ultimately was $9.61, we’re certain it’ll be much lower in future campaigns as we’ve found the best audiences and ads to use that generate leads for under $2.

We’ll also be implementing an upgrade on the funnel for Andy, where the whole webinar process will be running at least once a day whilst still being automated. This will increase the show up rates as registrants won’t have to wait several days for the webinar!

Powerful stuff, huh?

Depending on your market and niche, you could easily replicate Andy’s results for your own business… or even achieve better results.
$9k overnight isn’t too shabby – but that’s just the start… the more we make, the more we can spend on ads which means more sales!

This is why crafting an automated high-ticket generating system using the EF Method is the best thing client business owners can do for scalable growth, freedom and income!

If you’d like to discover how the EF Method can be used in your business, then you need to book a FREE Business Accelerator call with me, George.

We’ll talk strategy, numbers and if I like how you work, then I may extend an invitation to work with us on a higher level – but don’t get your hopes up too much… this is only if I see that we work well together!

*Times get booked up FAST – so act quickly

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