Finding It HARD To Attract Clients That Will Pay You For Your Expert Knowledge?

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Have you found it hard to attract clients that will pay you well for your expert knowledge?


You might be thinking it’s a problem with your ads, landing page or some other technical aspect of your business.


…. it’s because you don’t have an audience or because you’ve not written enough blog posts.


You also might be thinking it’s a problem with the copy in your cold email campaigns or social media outreach?

The good news is.

NONE of these are the real problem.

The real problem is you’re not clear on who you serve.

By that I mean….

…you’ve not yet focused on serving one group of people.

It’s not your fault.

At stage 1 of building your client business you’d do anything for a sale. (We all do!!)

Although this is “OK”.

Thinking like this literally took me from $15k month to broke.

Dead broke.

Not having a ideal client to focus on means your messaging will be eekkyyyyyy.

No clarity.

No confidence in what you do.


High Ticket Sales is all about clarity and confidence in your ability to help this client!!


Comment below who your ideal client is!!!